Wednesday, October 21, 2009


MARA Career Seminar

On last Thursday, I have attended a seminar at my college. It’s really exciting, I’ve got many input from the speakers, such as how to make a good resume, how to be a good interviewee, skills that are needed as a good employee, and how to perform a good achievement at work. I’m really wondered on how the speakers attract us to pay our attention on their speeches. Thanks a lot to En. Mohd Sazali bin Keteh, En. Nor Idham bin Che Ghani, and En. Yazid bin Misnan.
Here, I want to share with you some of my notes taken during the seminar.

First, common mistakes that the new hires should avoid:
•    Relying on food feeding.
•    Sticking rigidly to a narrow job scope.
•    Afraid to ask question.
•    Waiting for people to ask your help.
•    Not mixing around.

Second, ways to be a star performer at work:
•    Initiative
•    Networking
•    Good self management
•    Build a positive perspective
•    Follow the right
•    Teamwork
•    Show and tell

Third, 10 skills that the employers look for:
•    Communication skills
•    Strong work ethics
•    Team work skills
•    Initiative and motivated
•    Interpersonal skills
•    Honesty and integrity
•    Analytical skills
•    Flexibility and adaptability
•    Computer skills
•    Detail oriented

Lastly, I hope these will help us to be ready to achieve a good performance in our career, InsyaAllah. =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing =)
I'm really interested with your second point, the ways to be a star performer at work.

Thanks a lot and wish you all the best =)

iekah said...

hope we will get de better job perhaps ;)

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ust amir said...

ustaz setuju. Harap dapat uatas copy untuk dikongsi bersama dalam arab2u

littleantzz said...

boleh..ape salahnye, memang untuk dikongsi untuk manfaat kita semua =)...