Monday, October 19, 2009

Congratulation TTS


On last Saturday, I’ve joined the English Language Society (ELS) trip to Taman Budaya at Kuala Lumpur to watch a theater. This is my first time experience of watching theater. The theater was performed by Tronoh Theater Shop (TTS) from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

According to the handout that was given to us, TTS was developed on 2002 and joined the Perak Festival Theater since 2003. TTS also won the best drama in Intervarsity Human Values Drama Competition at University Malaya Sathiya Sai Baba Central Council Malaysia (SSBCCM).

The theater, title Asylum is a comedy about a group of psychiatric patient form the Psychotic Theater Unit that is working together to perform a play during the opening of a new National Psychotic Institute. The comedy is about the scenario of a country that drowned with corruption, conflict among the politic parties, social problems, greedy and harassment.

What I can say about Asylum is really great. It gives input such as the impact of the corruption, greedy, and social problems towards the society. Besides, it also makes the audience thinking on the scenario that is happening in our world today. In addition, it shows the reality of the political issues such as corruption, and greedy swayer.

I’m also wondering with the talent of the actor and actress. They have a great talent to play the roles. I can’t imagine how if I’m in their shoes, acting seriously in a comedy play. I’m afraid if will spoil the play with my laugh. In my experiences during my school time, usually, I’ll play the nice character, such as Mahsuri, Upih Girl, and Tsunami. But I have an experience on comedy drama, I still remember how difficult for me to be serious. Luckily, I can cover my mistake with adding my own script. Anyway, congratulation TTS group, good luck and may Allah bless you.  


iekah said...

hepi njoy for de movie!

Anonymous said...

very funny and they are very talented....

Royal Masala said...

on behalf of tts group, thanks a lot for your comments...really appreciate it! ;))

n wut a nice blog u hv ere...keep it up!